October 1, 2016

Wind's in the East

(Well, the last five seconds of that video aren't exactly applicable, but that's nit-picking.)

I've mentioned a few times in my Rewind & Review posts that junior year has been a bit more stressful and busy than I was anticipating. And here's the thing - I haven't been as motivated to blog as I once was. 

I'm not quitting my blog, I promise. But I've gotta make some changes, or I'm not going to be happy.

First of all, I'm going to try and share more of my writing (short stories, personal essays, and poems), just because those are quick, easy posts and I also want to get feedback and share my creative words.

Second, I've vowed I'm going to stress less if I don't have a post every single day (or even five to six days out of the week). If I only post four or five days a week (baby steps, y'all), it'll be okay. 

Finally - and this is going to be the biggest change, and it's related to my last one - I'm going to designate one day a week that'll be the same every week when I'll never post. Unless it's my assigned day on a blog tour or some other special occasion. I think this'll help my stress levels and help me to take a step back and breathe and find my groove again. I think I'm going to make it Thursdays for the rest of the semester, and I'm giving myself the freedom to change the day. Tuesdays and Thursdays are my busiest days, though, so I decided it would be Thursday since I won't have as much time to promote the post and Tuesdays are usually Top Ten days, which are easy to type up.

I think that's all the changes I'm making for now. I'm still on the lookout for a co-blogger, if anyone is interested. Thank you for sticking with me these last few years as so much of my life has changed. *sends hugs and baked goods*


  1. Sounds like you're making a wise decision. Looking forward to reading more of your personal writing in the posts to come!

  2. Sounds like some good choices. I look forward to seeing more of your writing, and I hope you can find a co-blogger soon!


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