June 24, 2017

Burn, Rewrite, or Reread Tag

No idea who started this tag (if someone knows, comment and let me know and I'll edit this intro), but it sounded like painful fun.

So, if you don't know what this book tag is, you are given three books. You must choose one and only one for each option: burn, rewrite, or reread. 

I had my mom choose at random four stacks of three books from my main bookshelves (the ones with all YA) and here are the results...

Group #1:

Burn: This was a hard choice, but I'm going with Wildflower. It's a fairly good book, but I'd rather keep the others around.
Rewrite: Hello, I Love You has a few flaws, so I'd iron those out and then keep rereading it to my heart's content.
Reread: The Winner's Curse. I love this entire trilogy, and I'm actually planning to reread it this summer.

Group #2: 

Burn: Probably Going Vintage. Sorry to Lindsey but the main character started to grate on my nerves during my last reread.
Rewrite: This was actually a toss-up between the two books left, but I'd actually rewrite Anna and the French Kiss, just to take out the cheating bits and chunks of the Ellie sub-plot because that just dragged.
Reread: That leaves Better off Friends, which is a solid book. It really needs less rewriting than Anna, which is why it won out for this option.

Group #3: 

Ack, this is a really tough one.

Burn: All Fall Down. Unfortunately, I love the other books just a little more, and Embassy Row is, sadly, Ally's weakest series.
Rewrite: Heir of Fire. Just to fix Rowan's abusiveness and also eliminate any potential of him becoming a love interest. (Sorrynotsorry.)
Reread: Open Road Summer. While Emery's debut isn't as perfect as The Start of Me and You or The Names They Gave Us, it's pretty darn good. I don't think I'd change anything about it.

Group #4:

Burn: A Thousand Pieces of You. Upon my recent reread of the trilogy, this first book drags the most (surprisingly).
Rewrite: The Raven King. Just to get rid of all the parts that lean towards horror, and also I think I'd change the majority of the climax/ending just a bit. Fan theories honestly overhyped what might happen in TRK, so I expected more than we got. 
Reread: The Anatomical Shape of a Heart. By process of elimination, although I think I'd put it under a minimal rewrite.

Okay, I kind of want to do this tag again, so we'll see what happens, haha. I'm actually surprised my mom didn't pick any historical fiction books, although my love for contemporary fiction is well-represented. What would you have done in these scenarios?

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