June 23, 2017

Random Friday: Book Covers

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I really love that there are so many different styles of book covers these days. There's illustrated, photographed, simple typography, graphically-designed...

Lately, I tend to favor illustrated or graphically-designed covers. Photographed covers seem to be going out of style for YA anyway. There's still some good ones...

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...but I think the market got swamped with too many photographed covers of Straight White couples looking cutesy, and someone said enough was enough.

I've noticed a lot of the covers I favor have a fair amount of color to them... 

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Oh, and just because I like a cover doesn't mean I like the book. (But the reverse is true too, even if I don't like the cover, I may like a book, although I'm more likely to like or feel neutral towards a cover if I liked the book.)

In general, though, I think I'm pretty neutral towards most book covers. They won't necessarily make me pick up a book I wasn't already interested in; they won't make me take a book off my TBR list (unless, like, the cover reveals how racist/bigoted the book actually is).

What makes you like a book cover? Do book covers change your opinion of certain books?

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