July 26, 2019

Random Friday: Favorite Episodes of My Favorite TV Shows

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Today is all about the episodes that make your favorite TV shows your faves. Here are mine.

Gilmore Girls -

Uh....so many that I did an Odyssey article about all of them, lol. So here's a link to that. The gist is, I love Jess, I love Luke and Lorelai, and the only good episode from the seventh season is the series finale.

This Is Us -

Season 1, episode 16, "Memphis" - It's so heartbreaking and utilizes the combination of flashbacks and present day so well.

The Office -

"The Dinner Party" is pretty great. I love the series finale. I really like the season 3 finale. And I love Jim and Pam's wedding.

Veronica Mars -

"Weapons of Class Destruction," naturally.

Great British Bake Off -

For this show, I think I need to choose a season, and I think I'm rather attached to collection 3 on Netflix (a.k.a. series 6), as well as Netflix's collection 1 (series 5). And I really hope they'll get the actual seasons 1 and 2 soon, because getting to watch season 3 was a delight.

All right, what are YOUR favorite episodes from your favorite shows?

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