November 13, 2019

An Excellent Middle Grade Fantasy Novel to Add to Your TBR

One of my favorite genres to read in the fall and winter is fantasy. When I'm stuck inside because of the cold weather, there's nothing better than traveling to another time and place via a fantasy novel. That's why I'm so excited to share The Three Hares: The Jade Dragonball by Scott Lauder and David Ross with y'all today.

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It's the story of Sara Livingstone, a fourteen year old girl who is about to take a school trip to the Beijing Palace Museum. Right from the get-go, she starts having visions of something magical. Then it's up to Sara to use her wits and her grandmother's stories to survive a dangerous quest that thrusts her into the past. 

The book alternates between sections set in present-day and sections set in various eras of the past. A lot of adult historical fiction does this nowadays, but what keeps this middle grade/YA novel fresh is the setting. There aren't many adventure novels set in China. Plus there's an epic mystery that'll keep readers on the edges of their seats. There are characters in both time periods that readers will come to care about, and the pace is excellent. (The Jade Dragonball is, thankfully, not one of those fantasy books that feels the need to give endless details and drag on. [Wordplay intended. ;)]) 

This is such a great book for young readers in that awkward crossover place between middle grade and young adult fiction.

Hopefully my review has gotten you excited for this book. The publicist was kind enough to share two copies with me, and so I'm giving the extra one away to a lucky reader. Hop on over to my Bookstagram account (awkwordly_emma) where the giveaway will be live in a few short hours. I'm also including store links below, if you'd prefer to buy your own copy!

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