November 4, 2019

Writing Prompt #16

Once again, it's been a really long time since I did a writing prompt post. This time, I'm borrowing one of the ones I suggested in the fifteenth post, but I'm actually doing it myself too, just to make this post a little more fun. :)

Prompt: Grab the closest book to you, set a predetermined page number and line number, then turn to that page and use that line to prompt your story. Then set a timer for 5 minutes, and write away.

My book:

My page and line numbers: 44, 7

The line (partially taken from the line above): "...since I've never seen her picture or anything."

My response to the prompt:

Since I've never seen her picture or anything, I have no idea what Yolanda Soto-Rivas looks like. You'd think in 2019, the foreign exchange student programs would send pictures or at least social media handles. And maybe they do. But Yolanda has been sprung on us at the last minute since Katie Sandwell's family backed out. My Instagram searches have turned up nothing, but maybe Yolanda doesn't use her full name. I certainly don't.
Mom and I are hovering by baggage claim while Dad waits in the cell phone lot outside. Bluegrass Airport is tiny, but two flights have managed to come in at the same time, so the luggage carousels are a bit chaotic.
I peer over the heads around us and step aside to avoid a frat boy charging ahead with his massive suitcase. I roll my eyes at his retreating back.
"Do you think that's her?" Mom asks. 
She's too polite to point, so I follow her gaze to carousel 2, where there's a petite girl with dark brown hair and bronze skin. The girl, who looks about my age, is clutching a carryon bag and staring anxiously at the suitcases coming around.
I scan the crowd one more time. It's starting to thin now as the crowd from the Dallas flight dissipates. It's just the Atlanta flight left, the one Yolanda was on.

Aaaannddddd that's as far as I got before my timer went off. Feel free to share your prompt results with me, or if you'd like to suggest a writing prompt, I'm all ears. :)

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