May 14, 2014

Mighty Mississippi Book Blast

This is a very impromptu post, but since Paula just shared the details on Twitter, it means I can share them here, too!

Mighty Mississippi Book Blast YA Tour!

Do you live in the Midwest (specifically near Minneapolis, Dubuque, Chicago, St. Louis, Memphis, Dallas, or Houston)?  Do you love books?  Then you're definitely going to want to go to the nearest stop on the Mighty Mississippi Book Blast tour!  You can check out all the tour details here.  I'll definitely be trying to make it to the Chicago stop (even though it's on my birthday/parents' wedding anniversary).  I'm definitely excited about the line up of authors for the Chicago stop.  Not only do we get Paula Stokes, Philip Siegel, and Lindsay Cummings (all very exciting authors), but also Bethany Crandell, Lynne Matson, A Lynden Rolland, Whitney Miller, and A.G. Howard.  If you know me, I'm most excited about A.G. Howard.  I read Splintered on a friend's recommendation and fell head-over-heels in love with the series.

So will I be seeing you at the July 16th stop?  Or will you be going to another location? (If you'll be at the St. Louis stop, let me know because I have a book I'd love to get signed by one of the authors that'll only be there.)  Also, help them spread the word!

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