May 9, 2014

Random Friday: Moving Forward

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Today is my last day of co-op.  I've been attending since January 2007.  Tonight is likely the last spring banquet/dance I'll attend, although alumni are welcome, so if my parents haven't moved and I get out of college soon enough, I'll be able to come next year (and several of my friends will still be attending the co-op, so I'll want to).  Below are the dresses I've worn to each of the banquets (and if you check my Twitter later, I'll probably have a picture up of tonight's dress).

Next Saturday, I'm graduating, which is a really scary thought.  In August, I'll be leaving for college.  I'll be in a completely new place, meeting new people, attending classes held by an actual school for the first time in eight years.  I'll have a roommate, I'll eat in a cafeteria (that serves some really good food), I'll be able to eventually start horseback riding.  I won't be able to bake as much as I do now.  I'll have to cut back on blogging and reading for fun, since I'll have reading to do for class and what free reading time I have will have to be for books I'm reviewing.  The one thing I refuse to cut is my writing.  Even if it means I'll sleep less, I won't cut how much time I write, although NaNoWriMo may be a no-go.

You're probably wondering if I'll still review books.  I will, as mentioned briefly above.  I'll still request e-galleys from Edeweiss and NetGalley.  I've also worked out something with Read Between the Lynes and my mother.  I'll probably try and get as many ARCs as I can during trips home, but my mom has also agreed to go to the bookstore one day, tell me all the books they have, then go back another day, get the ARCs I want, and mail them to me.  Complicated, yes, but it'll work.

I'll be cutting down on posting here, as I said.  Random Fridays is going biweekly in July, and I probably won't be able to do Top Ten Tuesdays or discussion posts as much as I have.  I might only do Rewind & Review monthly or biweekly instead of weekly.  But I'll still be blogging.  I refuse to cut blogging out completely.  It makes me too happy for me to do that.  So this isn't goodbye.  This is a...guess you'll have to stick around and see how I handle this crazy ride.


  1. Yay! Congrats on graduating! That's so exciting! Where are you going to school in the fall?

    1. Thanks, Rebecca! The plan is Asbury University in Kentucky.

  2. Your dresses are super pretty, especially the first. And early congrats on graduating next week!

  3. As a side note, I did songs that inspire me as my topic this week.


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