May 16, 2014

Random Friday: Dream Birthday Party

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This post was actually really hard to put together because I had so many ideas of what my dream birthday party would consist of.  For example, I'd love to do a bookworm theme in which the food would be based off of food in books, and one of the party favors was a bag of "book worms" (gummy worms), and everything revolved around books.  But then again, I'd also love to do something themed around Disney and princesses, or maybe a masquerade, or just fondue and a sleepover with my best friends.  But finally, I settled on that bookworm birthday party.  So here are some of the things I'd love to see at it.

If anyone asked what I wanted as a present, I'd ask for books, a giftcard to a bookstore, or that they donate to a literacy campaign, a library, or some other bookish charity.

The table's centerpiece would consist of quotes from books, book charms hanging from little trees (see the picture below; they can be found here, although they're not for sale), and "flowers" made out of book pages, similar to the picture below (only they'd be in a vase and not a bouquet).
(Photo credit to Stephanie at Ohana Reads.)

Totally doing this for my wedding someday.

The menu would consist of food from books, and look something like this...

And then, like I said, the party favors would consist of a bag of "book worms," magnets with book quotes, and bookmarks.

So what do you think your dream birthday party would consist of?  Do you have a theme in mind, or perhaps a menu?  Let me know in the comments or do your own Random Friday post and link it below.


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