August 23, 2014

What Every Bookworm Needs

I'm sure I could give dozens of answers to that statement.  "What does every bookworm need?" More shelves. More books. More time to read.  Friends who will fangirl/fanboy over books with us.  And so forth.  But this post is about something I'm sure every bookworm needs and wants and will likely never get.

A rich benefactor.
"Who will do what?" you ask.
Fund all my bookish ventures, that's what.

You know, buy all the books I want and all the bookcases to hold them.  Pay for shipping so I can give away tons of books and swag.  So I can donate more books to ARC tours.  And so I can go to all the awesome book conventions (BEA, ALA, YALLfest, etc.).

Wouldn't that be nice?  Don't you agree?
(Wow, this is an unusually short post for me.)


  1. That would be ridiculously awesome. Oh, to dream . . .

  2. That's sadly true that money can technically get you almost everything...


  3. Yep, that would be excellent. If only.


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