February 27, 2015

Random Friday: Insta-Love and Love Triangles

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Two of the biggest and most annoying literary tropes are love triangles and insta-love. Today, I'm going to share my thoughts on both.

I don't really believe in love at first sight. I believe in attraction and lust at first sight, but not love. I believe love takes time to develop. I am not a fan of characters who say they romantically love each other after meeting only a few times (case in point, The Jewel). I'm also not a fan of rushed love in a lot of books, where they may not have insta-love but they say they love each other or they're in love when they've only been dating a few weeks, particularly when the end of the world isn't nigh.
I think the only book where I like insta-love is The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight, since the characters take the time to really get to know each other.

Love Triangles
I find that most love triangles exist to create drama. The two main ones I enjoy are those in the Splintered and Shatter Me trilogies, just because they exist for very good reads.
In the case of Splintered, I could sincerely feel Alyssa's attraction to both guys.
With Shatter Me, both Adam and Warner represent something different for Juliette and they both had secrets that made them better or worse guys.
But I can't stand wishy-washy characters, or love triangles when one guy is clearly the best pick all along, or love triangles for the sake of love triangles (such as Famous in Love, Matched, and, yes, The Selection).

But I can't forget that a heck ton of books don't have love triangles (even if they have plenty of drama in the romance department). The YA category is not one overpopulated by love triangles, as many ignorant people think.

So what are your thoughts on insta-love, love triangles, or both?


  1. You are 100 % right. I do not believe in love at first sight. I do believe, however, in physical attractions.
    Love does take time and patience to develop, and it cannot be rushed just because you see them once and think 'Man, she/he is hot. This must be love' (that's right. I'm looking at you, Romeo and Julie. Keep walking)
    I have a blog too, if you want to check it out? Maybe even....leave a little comment? Thanks!

  2. Insta-love is the one thing that is sure to make me put down a book. Insta-lust is kinda more normal in my opinion. Nice post :)

  3. I agree with you so much. I don't believe in love at first sight either, and love triangles are usually annoying one way or the other - because it's clearly not a conflict and the girl/guy in the middle has obviously made a choice, or because they've been pulling it way too long, and you're sitting there going, "Choose already!". But of course, I agree that there are few instances where a Love Triangle does work.

    Sorry I couldn't participate in Random Friday this week. I did post a Taylor Swift playlist though (I felt like you would be interested).


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