August 19, 2015

My Beautiful Bookshelves

The organization of my bookcases has gone through a lot of changes. I used to have my main bookcases sorted first by genre and then by author's last name. Eventually, I had to switch this. My main bookcases were sorted entirely by author's last name. Those shelves were all YA; I kept my middle grade, ARCs, classics, and Christian fiction separate.

We're living in a new house now, and I have a new (gorgeous, super tall) bookcase that made organizing my books a bit easier. My tall black bookcase...

...holds my Heather Vogel Frederick, Robin Jones Gunn, and Rick Riordan collections with two shelves of ARCs in the middle. I'm trying to trade a lot of ARCs right now (that tall stack on the third shelf) because I'm out of room for all of them. If I get any more books by Robin Jones Gunn (which I will), they're not all going to fit nicely. I'm not happy about that.

Here's my new bookcase.

It goes almost all the way to the ceiling. I don't entirely like how the shelves go on it though. There are two anchor shelves, but they make it so the rest aren't evenly spaced and there had to be those two short shelves and the bottom one is super tall, which means my books can't all fit there.

I'm using the short ones to display knick-knacks, my foreign editions, and my copies of Shakespearean plays.
(Queen Elsa and Lady Sif: guardians of the bookcase)

As I said, all my books (in my YA collection) can't fit on the tall bookcase. So they spread onto the small one I brought from the old house.

There's still space on it, but I'm saving that for books left in my Kentucky storage unit and for the ones I'll continue to buy. Bottom shelf is middle grade (with my Anne of Green Gables copies in there, too). Those may eventually have to move because my YA collection will inevitably spread to that shelf. 

Hope you enjoyed this look at my personal library!


  1. You have a nice book collection Emma :) Finding space on shelves for new books is always a struggle for book lovers!

    Of Stacks And Cups
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  2. Lovely collection! I feel your pain of knowing your collections won't fit nicely onto your bookshelves if they expand anymore. I'm in a constant state of having that problem. >.< I need a new bookshelf . . . and space to put it.

  3. Your shelves are gorgeous! I've always wanted a bookshelf like that black one you have because I like the sleek, modern look of them. Plus they look really deep and I like that it looks as if you could stack a ton of books in them!
    I don't own enough books to warrant having a ton of shelves but I've pretty much dumped half of my books on my brother's bookshelf. He doesn't use it and if I didn't, I'd have no space on my own. :)


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