August 11, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Most-Read Authors

This week's topic is the ten authors I've read the most books from. Thanks to Goodreads, this was pretty easy to figure out. I'm not 100% sure if this list is completely accurate, just because there are several childhood series that I haven't added on Goodreads. If I did, those authors might surpass some of the ones I'm about to list. But the total of this first one is gonna shock you.

1. Ann M. Martin - 142 books
That's not even all of them. Thanks to the Babysitter's Club series, that number is huge. But I haven't added any of the books from Karen's point of view or the mysteries to my Goodreads shelves. I should get around to doing that soon.

2. Jessica Burkhart - 20 books
All the Canterwood Crest books plus Wild Hearts. *sighs* I still miss the Canterwood books from Sasha's POV. They were much better written.

3. Robin Jones Gunn - 17 books
I love the Christy Miller, Sierra Jensen, and Katie Weldon series. And once I want read more adult fiction, I'll tackle her Sister Chicks series.

4. Nancy Rue - 16 books
Anyone remember the Sophie series? Or the Lucy series? They were both fun, realistic Christian fiction for preteens.

5. Rick Riordan - 13 books
All of the Percy Jackson books, plus Heroes of Olympus, plus two 39 Clues books.

6. Ally Carter - 11 books
Technically 10 actual books, but I'm counting the Double-Crossed e-novella.

7. Maud Hart Lovelace - 11 books
All of the Betsy-Tacy series plus Carney's House Party.

8. Jen Calonita - 10 books
Those ten books consist of her Secrets of My Hollywood Life series, the Belles trilogy, and her middle grade novel, Fairytale Reform School.

9. Elizabeth Eulberg - 9 books
I considered not counting this one, just because three of those books are e-novellas. In the end, I decided they counted.

10. Laura Ingalls Wilder - 9 books
One of my favorite childhood series.

So what about you? Who are your top ten most-read authors?


  1. Ooh, I read Nancy Rue's books! I loved the Sophie and Lily books, particularly the Sophie ones. I read the Lucy ones as well, but didn't like them quite as much.

  2. I loved Robin Jones Gunn in highschool!! :) My TTT

  3. Ahh, Ann M. Martin books! The baby-sitters club! (I want to do a reread of a few of these eventually.) The Karen books! Love them! I have probably read most of them too! :)

    And I loved the Lily books by Nancy Rue! :)


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