October 22, 2016

Learning to Appreciate Creative Nonfiction

This fall, I'm taking one of the required classes for my major, Creative Nonfiction. I was tentative going into it, mainly because I was like, "What the heck is CNF?" 

Apparently it's memoirs, personal essays, and lyric essays. It's anything that is true but is written creatively instead of like journalism. I still struggle with the class sometimes, because my prof really wants us to dig up lots of details about an event in our lives, but I sometimes don't remember every minute detail (especially when it comes to dialogue). 

We have to do a report/presentation on a memoir later this semester. I wasn't sure what I was going to do at first because none of the suggestions my prof presented us with sounded good. I went searching for good food and travel memoirs, though, because those sound like they could be up my alley.

And, not gonna lie, I think food memoirs might be my new favorite thing. A lot of them have recipes. I love to bake, y'all (if you didn't already know), and I'm getting into cooking a bit too. Plus the travel memoirs are like me living vicariously through people who have the means to travel or go live in another country. I've only read two memoirs so far this semester (both in the quest to find which one would be for my presentation), but I can't wait to read more in the future. I'd love to go browse the memoir section at Joseph-Beth or Barnes & Noble someday and see which ones catch my eye.

Do you have any memoir recommendations? How do you feel about creative nonfiction?

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