October 14, 2016

Random Friday: Bookish Pet Peeves

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We all have pet peeves. They're unavoidable. Here are my book-related ones!

1. When people dog-ear pages.
I detest it so much that I wrote a whole Odyssey post about it.

2. When a bookstore only has later books in a series.
Confused book-buyers may not realize those are part of a series and they won't be able to obtain the first book!

3. When the dust jacket/cover is messed up before the book even reaches my hands.
Amazon is a big perpetrator when it comes to this. I got my preorder of The Fill-In Boyfriend and one of its corners was already bent. Often, the top and bottom of the spine are squished in a bit and the dust jacket along the spine is crinkled. I realize that's minor, but I like my books to look pristine. They'll last longer if they aren't damaged.

4. When publishers print long books on thinner paper.
I know they're trying to avoid selling behemoth books, but it's so inconvenient that my copy of Empire of Storms looks shorter than Crown of Midnight. Not to mention, this makes the book flimsier. I'm scared of tearing pages. What will happen if I drop the book? Finally, I love the aesthetic appearance of fat books. If they can print the Harry Potter series on normal paper (Order of the Phoenix is 870 pages, don't forget), why couldn't Winter and Empire of Storms be printed on normal paper, too?

5. When they change a series cover design mid-series.
I know it's all about marketing, but at the very least, they could wait until all of the series is published OR the publisher could keep all the hardcover editions with the original design and only make the paperback editions with the new cover. 
This issue causes an uproar often in the blogging community. Just ask any of us about The Winner's Curse trilogy incident.

6. When people don't take care of library books.
I know it's not your book, but that means you should take better care of it because you aren't the only person who will be reading it! I hate when I get library books with questionable stains (is it food? is it blood?) or when the pages are creased.

So what are some of your bookish pet peeves? Share them in your own post or in the comments below.

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