December 17, 2016

Writing Prompt #12

Here's another prompt from my fiction class! My professor is/was a big Gene Wilder fan, so she gave this one right after his death. She gave us a line from one of his movies and told us to go from there.

Line prompt: "My name is Jim, but most people call me...Jim."

She slid into the chair across from the brown-haired guy. He wasn't bad-looking, although maybe a bit scrawny. His black-framed glasses stood out against his pale skin.
"Ok, hi," she said. "I'm Lucy."
"I'm Dean, but most people call me, well, Dean," he replied.
Laughter bubbled up before she could catch it. Thankfully, Dean seemed glad they were off to a good start.
"I'm a nurse practitioner," she told him, running through the basics she'd already covered with seven other guys. "I have two cats, Jazz and Foxtrot, and I love the beach."
"Nice names," he remarked. "I don't have any pets at the moment--landlord doesn't allow them--I like the beach too, and I'm a high school math teacher."
"So do you like teenagers then? I always thought high school teachers had the hardest jobs."
"They can be difficult, but I try to make it interesting for them." He'd come right from work, she could tell, based on his slacks and short-sleeved polo shirt.
"Do you have a favorite local restaurant?" she asked. "I'm new to the area, and I love recommendations."
Dean raised an eyebrow. She knew she was practically begging him to ask her out, but she didn't care.
"There's this place on Stanley Street--Granddaddy's Porch. It's good if you like Southern cuisine. Their catfish special on Fridays is my favorite."
That told her all she needed to know. The bell chimed, and she stood to move onto the next table--but not before she slid Dean a Post-It with a phone number.
"Call me sometime," she said, sashaying to the next table.
She barely dialed it in with the next several guys. Her mind was too wrapped up in what Dean had said. Her heart raced. She hadn't expected to find her target so easily. Now she just had to wiggle her way into his smuggling ring, and it would be smooth sailing to bust the whole gang from there.

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