July 5, 2017

How to Make a Quote Jar

If you need a good DIY gift for a bookish friend, then you might want to make them a quote jar! I first encountered them when my first Secret Sister sent me one. I've since made them for two different Secret Sisters.

The first step is to buy a standard-size mason jar. You can find cases of 12 at Walmart, but I get mine at Michael's since you can buy them individually there.

Then you'll want to go on Goodreads and find quotes - either from the recipient's favorite books or authors or quotes related to a topic you may be theming the jar around (books, tea, love, etc.). You'll want to copy and paste them into a word document, spacing them far enough part that you can cut cleanly between each one and have a small border of blank paper around each.

After that, print out the quotes and cut them apart. You can draw little designs on them, if you want (my Secret Sister did), but it's not necessary.

Fold them neatly, in an accordion style, so you can fit lots of quotes into the jar. 

Put them in the jar as you fold them. There's no need to pack them loosely, as long as you can still get one or two out to start with.

Tie a ribbon around the jar lid, if you feel so inclined.

You might even want to make a jar for yourself!

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  1. I really like this idea, I think I might have to make this! :)


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