October 13, 2017

Random Friday: Wanderlust

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I've been finishing up the assignments for my required Cross-Cultural Experience at my university, and I've been reminiscing about my trip to Québec as a result. There was so much we didn't get to do, but there was also so much I wanted to experience for a second (or third) time.

I also definitely have the wanderlust bug. I mean, I was pretty certain I had caught it last fall and this spring, but I know for sure now. I am dying to go to Europe and see France and Switzerland and Germany and Scotland and Finland and Italy and Austria and Belgium and -

You get the point.

I even started a Pinterest board for all the places I want to go, although it's pretty much dominated by Europe at the moment. I'd love to add parts of the U.S. to it eventually and maybe even countries like Japan and Thailand because it would be good to broaden my horizons.

So have you caught wanderlust too?

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