February 16, 2018

Random Friday: Book Characters I Wish I Could Be

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Are there ever book characters you wish you could be, if only for a day? Well here's your chance to talk about those characters.

1. Paige Hancock (from The Start of Me and You)
For her friend group.

2. Anna Oliphant (from Anna and the French Kiss)
I, too, would like to be sent to a French boarding school.

3. Maddie (from Lucky in Love)
I, too, would like to win 30 million dollars.

4. Beatrice Watson (from The Only Thing Worse Than Me Is You)
For her intelligence, wit, and boyfriend.

5. Lucy Pevensie (from The Chronicles of Narnia)
Because who wouldn't want to find Narnia?

What book characters do you wish you could be? Share in your own post or in the comments below!

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