January 24, 2020

Random Friday: Favorite New-to-Me Authors in 2019

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For this post, I only include authors who have written more than one book. I have a whole other post just for my favorite debut authors each year! This type of post used to be much longer, since I was still discovering a bunch of established YA/MG authors back in, say, 2016. But this year I have just three authors for the list. 

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Although I knew of her and tried to read some of her books while I was still a teen (and read and enjoyed Saint Anything and Once and for All more recently), I didn't really dive into her canon until summer 2019. I didn't read all her books - there were a few I tried to read and couldn't get into - but I read nine of them. None of them are super unique, but I liked a few enough to put them on my book wishlists.

I discovered the Veronica Speedwell series last winter, and they are such bingeable, mysterious fun.

Jessica introduced me to a bunch of cozy mysteries, including Jenn's Library Lover's series. I binged that in November, and her Cupcake Bakery series is on my radar to start soon.

So which new-to-you (that is, not debut) authors did you discover in 2019?

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