January 3, 2020

Rewind to 2019: My Year in Reading

I love doing this post so much, even though it probably only gets, like, 25 views each year. (And here's my usual disclaimer that I am human and fallible and some of these numbers won't quite match, but I am trying my best.)

Number of Books I Read
(including DNFs and [multiple] rereads)
299 books
(not including DNFs and rereads)
205 books

Number of Rereads
(including multiple rereads of the same book and rereads of a book I read for the first time in 2019)
73 books

Pages Read
(DNFs and rereads not included)
70,687 pages

Longest and Shortest Books Read
(rereads not included)
Longest: The Art of Eating by M.F.K. Fisher at 749 pages
Shortest: Ruby Finds a Worry by Tom Percival at 32 pages
And my average number of pages was: 344 pages

Number of Books Acquired
(Not including e-galleys; also, I should disclose that I have sold some of the books since and traded/given away some of the ARCs. Another disclosure: I didn't buy all these books; if I had, I would be ridiculously broke.)
116 books

Number of Books Reviewed
35 books, which is even less than in 2017 and 2018. But that's okay! I still couldn't review a bunch of Bloomsbury titles, and also I'm trying to only review stuff I really want to.

Number of Books by Diverse Authors That I Read
(This category is always a guessing game because sometimes it is unclear if a character is diverse, and authors don't always disclose personal details. [Which I'm not shaming them for; that's their choice.])
(Rereads not included; authors are hopefully not included more than once)
59 books. That's 29% of my total reading. That's about the same as last year, so I'd really like to keep growing this number. I've been reading a bunch of cozy mysteries lately, and most of them seem to be by white women, so if anyone knows of cozy mysteries by authors of color, please tell me!

Number of Books Read by Genre
(rereads not included)
Contemporary: 78 books (What can I say?)
Fantasy: 19 books
Historical fiction: 22 books
Science fiction: 3 books
Mystery/thriller: 30 books (Ya girl is thrilled she's getting into cozy mysteries.)
Middle grade: 19 books
Memoir: 5 books
Classics: 5 books
Nonfiction: 4 books
Adult: 11 books
Other (includes Christian and picture books, among others): 17 books

Number of Books Read by Rating
(rereads not included)
5 stars: 12 books
4.5 stars: 9 books
4 stars: 76 books
3.5 stars: 23 books
3 stars: 74 books
2.5 stars: 2 books
2 stars: 8 books
DNF: 11 books

Average Rating per Genre
Contemporary: 3.31 stars (I love this genre this most, but it also has a fair share of not-for-Emma books.)
Historical fiction: 3.3 stars 
Fantasy: 3.4 stars
Science fiction: 2.3 stars (#yikes)
Mystery/thriller: 3.7 stars (New favorite genre ftw!)
Middle grade: 3.6 stars
Memoir: 3.8 stars
Classics: 3.8 stars
Nonfiction: 3.4 stars
Adult: 3.3 stars
Other: 3.1 stars (Better than last year, at least!)

Number of Books Read by Publisher
(rereads not included)
Bloomsbury: 7 books
Disney-Hyperion: 4 books
HarperCollins: 42 books
Hachette: 9 books
Kensington: 8 books
Macmillan: 36 books
Penguin Random House: 56 books
Scholastic: 8 books
Simon & Schuster: 23 books
Other: 24 books

Books Read per Month
(DNFs and rereads included)
January: 32
February: 28
March: 24
April: 21
May: 18
June: 25
July: 26
August: 20
September: 19  
October: 26
November: 28
December: 20 books
So my average is...24 books

Average Rating per Month
(DNFs included, rereads not included)

I continued to remove books from my TBR, instead of DNFing them, which didn't necessarily help my books per month total, but surely it helped this one.

January: 3.7 stars
February: 3 stars (I had a whopping three DNFs, so that didn't help one bit.)
March: 3.4 stars
April: 3.1 stars
May: 3.6 stars
June: 3.7 stars
July: 3.7 stars
August: 2.8 stars (August was rough. I had three DNFs and most of my reads didn't top 3 stars.)
September: 3.3 stars
October: 3.8 stars
November: 3.4 stars
December: 3.1 stars
For a grand total average of...3.1 stars. Definitely want to keep removing books from my TBR instead of DNFing them. Hopefully that'll help me read more books I enjoy.

Number of 2020 Releases I've Already Read
4, plus 3 DNFs

So what did YOUR reading stats for 2019 look like?


  1. I love yearly wrap-ups! I did a reflection of 2019 on my blog, but there weren't really any stats because I didn't track anything last year 😂. My goal is definitely to use Goodreads/some sort of Excel spreadsheet this year!

    Also, yay for mysteries, they're the best!

    1. I am so obsessive about tracking my reading via a spreadsheet. If you ever want tips, feel free to ask me! :)


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