January 5, 2020

Rewind to 2019: What I Watched and Listened To

In the last post of this series for the year, I'm going to talk about non-bookish things.

What I Listened To

This shouldn't come as any surprise, but I listened to a certain album on endless repeat from the end of August through December 31...

I think I've solidified my top 5 favorites from the album: "Cornelia Street," "Lover," "Daylight," "Cruel Summer," and "The Archer."
Honorable mentions to: "Afterglow," "Miss Americana," "I Think He Knows," and "It's Nice to Have a Friend."

I also have this annual tradition of making a summer mix CD for one of my best friends (this is like the third or fourth year of them), and I was making this year's in the weird time where we didn't know what Lover was going to be like and when Swifties were hoping for a double album. So, in honor of that, I made a Summer of 2019 mix and a Nighttime mix. I listened to those songs a lot, so I could work out the order I wanted them in and also how many I could fit on each CD. Summer of 2019 has a few 2009 throwbacks, and Nighttime is, for the most part, a bit softer - the perfect soundtrack for driving at night.

Also, I'm very excited for a new Niall Horan album. Wish it would've dropped this fall, but alas. At least new music is coming!

More listening from this year:
~I got super into two female country artists: Kacey Musgraves and Maren Morris. I already knew some of Maren's songs because they're on the radio, and my mom likes her, but I listened a lot to her new album. And then Kacey was a whole new exploration; a fellow Swiftie is super into her, and he shared recommendations on Tumblr.
~Harry Styles's new album. "Cherry," "Falling," and "Fine Line" are my favorites. "Canyon Moon" and "Golden" are pretty good too.
~And then, mainly because of Mamma Mia and Yesterday, I listened to a bunch of ABBA (or the movie versions) and a lot of the Beatles (or, once again, the movie covers).
~Finally, I kept listening to Fleetwood Mac. Admittedly, it's mostly the well-known songs, but they're a great mood-setter for my current WIP.

What I Watched

I mostly kept watching my favorite few shows (on Hulu, the night after each episode aired): This Is Us, The Good Place, and The Good Doctor

My parents got into New Amsterdam, so I caught up and watched all of that this spring.

I also finally finished The Good Wife...four years later lol. I started it on Amazon Prime back in late 2015, and then rewatched all the early seasons this summer and got past where I'd left off and saw it through to the end. There was honestly way too much sex for my tastes but the political scheming, especially with an Illinois setting, was interesting.

Disney+ launched at the end of the year, as we all know, and I added a bunch of stuff to my watchlist on launch day. I counted, and I'd added 96 TV shows and movies. So I was prepared to never have a life again, lol. It's super fun to have access to all my childhood/preteen favorites, though. Especially Phineas and Ferb. Sorrynotsorry.

Finally, this movie missed my Random Friday wrap-up of best movies...because I saw it on January 1st. But since it was a 2019 movie, I wanted to include it somewhere. My parents and I went to see Knives Out on New Year's Day, and THOROUGHLY enjoyed it. It was witty and twisty, and the pacing was excellent.

So what did you listen to and watch this year?

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