November 7, 2012

4 More Years...

As you all know (or should know), I am staunchly conservative.  Tonight, I feel like my life just changed...for the worse.  I've been saying for a long time, we can't take four more years of Obama as president.  And now we will be.  I feel like curling up in a ball and crying.  I also feel sick to my stomach.  How did we reach the point in our nation when a man who has not improved our national debt or unemployment, who has a weak foreign policy, who supports murdering innocent babies, and who is a blamer and a did we reach the point where electing such a man and letting him run our country is acceptable???

Okay, I'm crying now.  I'm ready to flee the country for four years.  Except, I don't have enough money, and there's not really any country doing much better.  Guess I'll have to stick it out and be tough.  When the going gets tough, I need to learn to be strong and stick things out, not become a runner.

Right now, I'm also praying that God will show us the good that will come out of this situation.  There is always good, in every situation, no matter how bleak it looks.  I just want this good to become evident soon.

I jokingly told Kate earlier on FT, "Well...if Obama wins, you and I just may end up homeless, jobless, hungry, and without husbands and kids."  I'm so hoping that won't be true.  My mom's convinced it won't be.  But with Obama's policies and the economy that's affecting me and my family and my just might.

Poll to be up shortly...please vote in it.


  1. Actually, even though he is now President, it isn't official he will have four more years. On my birthday, December 17th, the electoral college can come together and say that Mitt Romney will be president because he had popular vote. Just wanted to point that out, so there is still a sliver of hope.


    That is, IF the Electoral College decides to interfere.

    I'm just going to start spatting out random things:

    And as a comment on the actual post, have you seen 2016 Obama's America? If not, go see it. It is an amazing movie that really opens your eyes to Obama. And what sickens me, is that America is barely a Christian country. Like you said, Obama is for Abortion. He believes you should go to jail for killing a regular person, but not a BABY? Woww...

    Plus, my sister did a report on it. Did you know people actually BIRTH THEIR DEAD BABY? Ugh.

    More things just irritate me about him, like how he said if he didn't just the deficit in half, he would be a one-term President?

    Barack Obama make records with our debt. It was, what, 10 trillion? And now it's 16 trillion? he doubled it, where as it took two hundred something years to rack up less than half of that!

    Eh. I'll stop babbling now.(:

  2. I haven't seen 2016 yet, but I want to!

    And if you're right about the electoral college, I'm going to pray my heart out that God will lead the college to make the right decision.

    Thank you for your informative comment!!!

    1. You really should. If you have a local Red Box, you can order it from there for a really good price. I am too! But just remember that if Gov. Romney isn't elected, then it just must me God's Will! (: I know it's pretty hard to think about--Obama for another four years--but you just have to.

      You're very, very welcome. I'm glad I could tell you about it.

  3. As you all know, I have it set so I approve all comments before they're posted. Someone named Anne something (forgot the last name, sorry!) commented, and I planned to hit the approve button, but I accidentally hit delete. :( I feel so bad, so Anne, feel free to submit the same comment (or something similar, if you can't remember exactly what you said).


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