November 2, 2012

NaNo, Day Two

NaNo Word Count: 4,166 at the moment, and I just hit page 15
# of Times I've Listened to "Home" (Phillip Phillips): 5
Times I've Almost Fallen Asleep in the Last Two Hours: 3
Times I've Written Something About Paris or Fashion in the Last 1/2 Hour: 18

Yup, right now my main character is in Paris!  But mum's the word on why she's there.  All I can say is, I wish I was there, too. *pouts* Instead, I'm stuck in my room after a particularly long day at co-op.  Algebra just dragged on and on, and I started to get a headache during that class to boot.  History was actually better than normal this week, just because we discussed practically everything under the sun other than history (including Cash Cab, washing clothes, indoor plumbing, and taking tests).  And I'm so exhausted, as exhibited by stat number three.  I told myself I was going to rest until 5:30, and then I would start writing.  Right now I'm taking a short break to blog.  Can I persuade anyone to do my homework for me?  My English teacher is finally teaching us something new, but it's so incredibly boring. :P And then there are five algebra lessons and five lengthy sections to read in history, plus questions for each section.


  1. I'll do your Algebra homework! LOL
    (But only if it doesn't involve any graphing)

    1. I think some of the problems do, lol. My program combines geometry into both algebra 1 and 2 as well. :P


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