November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Hey, everyone!  If you're one of my American followers, I hope you'll have a happy Thanksgiving!  And if you're not American (well, don't live in the U.S.), then...happy Thursday, I guess?  LOL, got that from a friend. ;)

It's much quieter this year than it was last year.  It's just my parents and me, because my mom has to work tomorrow and Saturday. :( But hopefully, next year, everyone on my mom's side of the family will be here.

Any Thanksgiving traditions you'd like to share?  What's your favorite food?  I love mashed potatoes and pie.  And I think I mentioned rolls with melted (and unmelted) cinnamon butter last year?  Yeah, I'm so wishing we could have those here.  But they only have them at a bakery near my aunt's.  My cousin and I are begging her to bring them next year, though.

Happy Thanksgiving!  I can hardly believe 2012 is almost over and Christmas is just about a month away.

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