November 9, 2012

NaNo, Day Nine

Word Count at the moment: 14,773 words
Page number: page 50, woo!
Exhaustion level: 9/10 (thanks for that, co-op)
Research topic of the day: Asperger's Syndrome
Random thought of the day: I wonder if someone has ever compiled a list of the different types of flirting? (And, yes, there are different types, and I've theorized that each person generally has one way of flirting that they're better at than any other.)

Tomorrow night is this party/dance at my co-op, and I'm going! :D It's very casual.  I know what top I'm going to wear, but I'm still going back and forth about wearing a skirt and leggings (the leggings are because it's gotten pretty cold here in IL) or jeans.  I'm sort of a skirt kind of girl.  I have this black skater-style skirt that I'll just randomly wear around the house because I feel like it.  So I'm very comfortable in skirts.  But I'm worried I'll be too overdressed if I wear one.  One of my besties is coming over before the party, so I'll get her feedback.  Although, if I know her pretty well, I think she'll say jeans just because she's not super girly like me, lol.

1 comment:

  1. Oh yeah for my school dance it was pretty casual and had this neon theme so I wore a bright pink t-shirt and jeggings but I wasn't sure if I should wear a skirt or not because I didn't want to seem, like you said, overdressed so I wore jeans but it turned out a lot of girls had gone fancier than me.


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