November 16, 2012

NaNo, Day Sixteen

The halfway point of NaNo was yesterday, so I hope everyone is at least halfway to their word goal!  I'm currently 60% there.

Word Count: 24,212 words (as of last night)
# of times I've felt like an elephant stepped on me in the last 3 days: approx. 50
# of times I wished I didn't have to miss co-op: 15 :(

But now here's today's blogger!  She's one of my real life best friends. :)

            Summary: Saskia Zolten-Penn, a 19-year-old girl living in Budapest with her younger brother Juper, was orphaned years ago on a dark night that will forever haunt her memories.  She will never forget what she did that night and how it got her here.  Now a war is raging over Budapest and the government wants her to help them.  She has set her identity as a master assassin, and as she fights for her country she realizes the only way she will live is by letting the horrifying visions from her past die.
            Hey, ya’ll, how’s it going?  I’m hickchick (you can think of me as Rose, though).  This is my NaNoWriMo novel summary for this month, and so far I’m doing pretty darn good, excuse me, well.  I’m about 30% of the way through my novel.  I’d like to be moving along at a better pace, but life is busy and then there’s always the inevitable: the beast that causes all writers to shake in their shoes from fear, the beast that makes the boldest author want to slam his or her head against the wall until he or she passes out.  This beast attacks every writer at some point, and his name is Writer’s Block.  And if hearing his name doesn’t strike fear into your heart, I don’t know what will.
            Unfortunately for me, that is something that I’m dealing with right now.  That’s the reason the NaNo website is telling me that at the rate I’m going I won’t be finishing my novel until December 17.  Yeah, not good.  But I’ve been attacked by W.B. before and he has yet to completely deprive me of my creativity.  I’ve won the battle before, I know I will again, and long before December 17.
            Right now Saskia is the leader of a sniper unit on the Hungary border.  They just captured six enemy soldiers and the president has instructed Saskia to interrogate them.  So Saskia is walking toward the bound prisoners, but doesn’t know what she’ll say.  Kind of like me right now, haha.  She has absolutely no clue how to get information out of them.  Buying time, I had one of her comrades make a snarky remark so she could jack him in the face.  That was fun to type up, but buying time doesn’t make the cut.
            Even though I am under attack by W.B. right now, I still have tips for all of you writers out there who are also hopelessly stuck and are thinking, “I’m just going to give up on writing forever!”  That’s part of my first tip: Never give up and never say ‘forever’ in that context.  Forever is too long to not write and inspiration will hit you upside the head before you know it.  Second tip: Go somewhere inspirational.  I get inspired by lakes and mountains. Unfortunately, I don’t live anywhere near lakes or mountains, which is why W.B. is so scary for me.  But seriously, go somewhere you know you’ll be inspired.  Third tip: Talk to someone (who knows what you’re writing about) and they may be able to come up with an idea that you can manipulate.  Just be sure to give them a hug, thank them three million times, and dedicate the book to them.  Last, but definitely not least, eat some birthday cake flavored ice cream.  It always helps.  Enough said.  Writer’s Block is a scary beast for writers to face, but to quote an author I really like, ‘the first step to taming a beast is naming him.’
            Well, instead of writing to all of ya’ll about W.B. I should probably go face him and punch him into the next century.  I won’t be living in the next century where he will land, so I apologize in advance to all the writers who will be living in 100 years.  So, happy writing to you all and I hope all of you who are participating in National Novel Writing Month are scheduled to finish by the 30th!

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