November 18, 2012

NaNo, Day Eighteen

Wow, this time last year, I was fighting my dad for use of the laptop.  Now I have my own... glad I'm not going through that again!

Word Count: 26,894 words (as of last night)
# of grammatical mistakes I've corrected today: 45 (not my own mistakes)
Hours I won't be able to write during: 3:30-? (It's my dad's birthday, and we're meeting my grandparents for dinner.)

I have one last guest post for everyone!

Hello, I’m emmainwonderland6, but please call me Emmy. I’m one of Emma’s NaNo friends. I’m doing NaNo Young Writer’s Project and my goal is 11,000. One of my major tips for YWP participants is don’t be afraid to change your word-count. Originally, I was going to write 12,000 words. However, when I started to get behind I changed my goal to 11,000. Although I’m still behind (boo procrastination!) I got my words up a bit so I can easily write a bunch of words and win easier. My other tip is to not overwork yourself! I know that you need to write a lot- but it isn’t that bad to take a little break. Don’t give yourself a huge goal if you know you won’t reach it because then you’ll just feel guilty for not winning.

So, now about my NaNoWriMo novel. It’s called ‘Little White Lie’ and is about a young girl named Maebelle. Maebelle is twelve years old, in grade seven at the worst school ever. She can’t read very well and her teacher and classmates are no help what-so-ever, because they put her down all the time. Maebelle, being stubborn, refuses to tell her parents. When they ask her if everything is alright, she lies and says it is. Throw in another event started with yet another lie and you have an ultra-big lying problem! When Maebelle’s house burns down and she is forced to move to Ontario, she is diagnosed with dyslexia. But, can a kind homeless woman as well as two new teachers and a friend help her be able to read?

Now one more thing I want to talk about- Inspiration. Now, how did I come up with all of this? Well, Maebelle’s school is inspired by the school in the movie ‘Won’t Back Down’. A lot of the characters names are based off people I know in real life. Maebelle’s name is inspired by my middle name (Mae) combined with Belle to create a better name. My point is, inspiration can come from anywhere- books, movies, songs and real life- so look around for it if you need it.

I wish everyone who is participating good luck and an amazing twelve final days doing NaNoWriMo!

-Emmy <33

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