November 13, 2012

NaNo, Day Thirteen

Word Count: 21,500 words (as of last night)
# of algebra assignments I've done so far today: 1
# of times I've thought about my fairytales: approximately 52

Today's guest blogger is another good NaNo friend of mine, BrookieBear! :)

Hello, I'm Brooke! I am very happy to be able to share about my book and some writing tips. My book is a fantasy about a girl who is trying to overcome sickness, take on responsibilities while becoming a princess, all while trying to solve the crime of who has been stealing treasures from the palace. I've been writing a steady 1,000 words per day, sometimes a little more, and sometimes a little less, but it all evens out. I definitely suggest that you try and space you're writing time periods out, rather than trying to write a whole bunch of words at once. I write a little in the morning, and a little late at night, because I have such a busy week every week. But it's actually best to just write whenever you have the time. Also, when you don't have access to a computer or anything, it's a good idea to be thinking about what you're going to write, and plan ahead. There's nothing wrong with being prepared, right? Have fun writing!

Thanks, BrookieBear. :)

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