November 19, 2012

NaNo, Day Nineteen

Word Count: 30,010 words (75% of my word goal!), and 102 pages
Songs of the day: "Love Story" and "You Belong With Me" (I've listened to them a combined 30 times)
Problem of the day: I'm two weeks behind on Bible lessons.
Quote of the day: "If music be the food of love, play on."~William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night

I'm doing pretty well with my NaNo novel.  I lowered my word count 5,000 words about a week or so ago, but I might end up increasing the goal this week or just not submitting my final count until I've surpassed 45,000 words or finished the book (whichever comes first). I want to encourage all of you NaNoers to keep writing!  This is usually the time of NaNoWriMo that you might get bogged down.  You need to plow through those tough spots.  Work on transitions, if you have trouble with them, and keep your story flowing.  Every scene needs to contribute to the plot in some way.  There can't be meaningless dialogue or action just to fill your word count.

Now I'm off to have a bagel and a Taylor Swift dance party to celebrate my successful day, writing-wise.
Fun fact: If this book is ever published, watch for all of the main character's (her name is Hannah) similarities to me, including her love for bagels. ;)

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