June 27, 2014

Random Friday: Favorite Blogs

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I've started following a lot of book blogs over the last year.  For this list, I tried to choose ones I haven't featured on my blog before.  I didn't want to showcase just the same ones over and over again!  I also like several more than these, and I hope anyone who doesn't see their blog on this list doesn't feel left out.  On a side note, I think this is a very apt post to have today since June is my Book Blogger Feature month.  Most of the interviews have already gone up, but there's still one more coming tomorrow!

I've been following Shae since she was still Bookshelvers Anonymous.  She has insightful discussions, great reviews, and I participate in her weekly feature, Rewind & Review.

Gillian at Writer of Wrongs always has thought-provoking posts, and I love her gif-filled reviews and the ratings she gives books.

Rose followed my blog first, I think, but when she started participating in Random Fridays, I knew I had to follow her.  She often reviews books I've read or am dying to read, so her reviews are some of my favorites.

Don't ask me how I first started following Mary.  I think another book blogger tweeted about one of her giveaways.  But now I love to read her posts.  She often has great giveaways and event recaps, and her weekly recaps are some of my favorite posts because she talks about what she's read in greater detail than I do.

Gaby has great book reviews and she hosts one of my favorite features: World of Books.  I only wish more people requested to be featured on World of Books!  Plus, she just co-hosted one of my favorite book events this year: the YA Prom!

This is the YA book review blog for a bookstore called The Bookcase.  I'm dying to go to the store the next time I'm in MN visiting family, but I also really enjoy their reviews, and their Stacking the Shelves posts make me very envious!

So which blogs (books, food, whatever) do you enjoy? (Besides mine, of course.  Just kidding!)


  1. Some of my favorites are Book Rock Betty, Jamie @ The Perpetual Pageturner, Wendy @ Book Scents, Hannah @ The Irish Banana, and Pam @ YA Escape from Reality. Lots more of course, but those are probably my favorites. And your blog of course. :)

    1. I follow Jamie and Hannah! And I think I formally met Book Rock Betty on Wednesday night at the YA Prom. She was a hoot!


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