April 15, 2016

Random Friday: Spring Fashion

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Spring is my absolute favorite season, and spring clothes are some of my favorites. I contemplated making this post about haute couture, but it's stuff I'll never have the opportunity to wear. Besides, I'm no Megan Rose Wong. I'm the type of girl who shops almost exclusively at Kohls (with some Modcloth, Forever 21, and Aeropostale thrown in). So I drew from their website and Modcloth's to show off some of the spring fashions I love most.

Doesn't this dress's color just scream spring?

And of course anything that resembles a peasant top is meant for spring.

I'm also the kind of girl who spends 60% of warm days in a skater skirt. I own five of them (although one is made of sweatery material so I save it for the fall).

But there's nothing like a Modcloth dress when it comes to springtime.

And let's not forget shoes:

So what's your favorite type of spring clothing? Or what's your favorite season for fashion?

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