April 3, 2016

Writing Prompt #2

It's time for the second writing prompt! I'm jumping around the list, and I'll be skipping some altogether, but this is the next one that drew my attention.

Day #12: Go to watchout4snakes.com and choose the Word+ option. Randomly generate one of each part of speech. Write a story or poem including all 7 words, and do not stop writing until all 7 are used. (Note: I changed the complexity to average for most of my words, just to get some variety.)

My words were: outside, deft, puncturing, skulk, enormously, timber, and amidst.

Here's my piece!

She had been born to skulk. She’d been a hide and seek champion as a kid; no one ever heard her coming and she always knew where the best hiding places were. But skulking outside was enormously harder, and she was only half-good at it. There were too many variables—more people to notice you, more open space, cars, animals, sunshine, and startling noises, just to begin with.
She’d learned to adapt, of course. She’d mastered blending in amidst crowds—no one noticed the girl of average height and average looks at a ball game, or on a city street, or in parking lots. Outside, she had to act more nonchalant, but it had only been a fun challenge for her. Now, her deft skills put her on the most highly-desired list of private investigators and spies.
She’d built her whole life around her job. Yet, here she was, in her boss’s office, and he was saying she was fired. It was like he had yelled, “Timber!” and a giant redwood had come crashing down on her life. Its branches scratched and ruined, puncturing her dreams.
She had always been the girl without a name. Now she was the girl with no foreseeable future and no idea what she’d do next.

What words did you get? What did you end up writing about?

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