April 23, 2016

What Did I Do Before Netflix?

Do you ever sit there, wondering what you did before a certain product or hobby entered your life?

Well, that's me with Netflix. 

I often wonder how I find so much time to binge-watch shows on Netflix (I cruised through three seasons of Gilmore Girls in less than a month), and I don't have an answer for y'all. But I also wonder if I sat and stared at the wall and twiddled my thumbs before I had Netflix in my life. What did I do while I ate my dinner after work? What did I do after I'd finished my homework?

I'm pretty sure my reading has gone down a little because I watch a show before bed instead of reading. But I honestly think getting Netflix was worth it. I was able to watch the rest of Gilmore Girls while at school instead of at home. I didn't have to depend on DVDs from the library that potentially had sticking and skipping issues. I got to binge-watch Fuller House when it released. I've got a whole queue of movies and TV shows to watch, including Psych and Hart of Dixie, which I started back in March. I actually just finished Hart of Dixie and now I've started New Girl on Mary-Courtney's recommendation. And I remember one day, I got to watch the Winnie-the-Pooh movie from the '70s, the one that I knew from my childhood (and let me tell you, that movie brought back so many nostalgic feelings).

So Netflix has been worth it. But if it has taken the place of reading, than I'm not okay with that. I just posted last month about making time for reading. I've got to take my own advice and read sometimes when I'd rather watch a TV show.

(Also, happy 1,000th post to meeeeeee.)

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  1. When I read the first part of the post with the question about how you were finding so much time to watch Netflix, the first thought that came into my mind was that you weren't reading as much. But I think that is partly due to the fact that you have less access to new-to-you books this year-more limited funds as a poor college student and limited access to Read Between the Lynes and their ARC supply. Hopefully the reading will pick back up this summer, with the new library just a mile away.


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