April 18, 2016

Writing Prompt #3

So this time I'm going back and doing the day 2 challenge. We'll see how successful I am with writing this piece...

Day #2: Write at least 250 words inspired by the color of the walls of the room you're currently in.
(As of writing this blog post and piece, I'm in my dorm room which has cinderblock walls painted a pale yellow.)

If you hated the bridesmaid dresses your sister had picked out, would you tell her? Maybe you said yes. You’re much braver than me, if you did.
I stared at the monstrosity in front of me and wished I had the courage to say something to Jess, but I couldn’t bring myself to. The whole thing was a mess—and not even a hot one. It was pale yellow, much too pale to be the same shade as sunshine. In a different lighting, it might be called khaki or a dark cream. No, definitely khaki.
If the bridesmaid dress had been a nice cut, I could’ve overlooked the color. But no, it was so out-of-style, I couldn’t even imagine when it had been in style. It had semi-sheer halter straps, a ruched waist, and a skirt so asymmetrical I was sure it was a mistake. On top of all of that, it was shimmery. I had never seen shimmery khaki before.
I was close enough to Jess to tell her what I thought of the dress, right? Except it was probably too late to do anything about them. Her wedding was in three weeks. New dresses couldn’t be ordered and altered on such short notice. I knew deep down, though, that was just another excuse to not incur my sister’s wrath. I had seen enough TV shows and movies, and I did not want her to become one of those bridezillas. While fascinating, those girls were horrifying and not something I ever wanted to experience in real life.

I’d be stuck with a shimmery pale, pale yellow dress. At least it had been pretty cheap. I could burn it after the wedding if I wanted.

What color is the room you're in? What type of story would it inspire for you?

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