February 24, 2017

Random Friday: Secret Sister

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So another round of Secret Sister came to an end last month, and the first month of round 6 is less than a month in. I'm so glad this project has been around for all of my college career (although I didn't participate in round one) because the bookish cheer is just what I need.

I've made new friends from around the country - I've had a Secret Sister from the West Coast and a couple from New England. I've bonded with people over Taylor Swift, Gilmore Girls, and Hogwarts houses. My first Secret Sister gifted me my very first Pop! Funko (Elsa, if y'all were wondering), and I've received too many books to name.

I've put together some fun theme boxes - country, fairytales, Gilmore Girls, and two Christmas ones. 
I've received postcards from my Sisters' travels, been introduced to new music, and written dozens of letters.

So this post is to say thank you to Alyssa, Amy, and Brittany, for running such a wonderful program.
This post is to say thank you to Audris, Veronica, Emily, and Bree, for being excellent Secret Sisters with the most heartfelt gifts and notes.
This post is to say thank you to Jessica, Roxanne, Anna, and Allison for being great recipients. It was so much fun planning boxes for you.

I can't wait to see what this next round of Secret Sister has yet to give. Hopefully new friendships and lots of letters.

Do you participate in OTSP Secret Sister, too? What has been your favorite part? Have you met any of your Sisters in person?

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