March 19, 2018

Great Food Places in Québec

It's been a while since I talked about my trip to Québec, but I want to use today's post to recommend some of the best restaurants we went to, in hopes that it'll entice y'all to visit too. Of course this is only a sampling of what both Montréal and Québec City have to offer, but if you're planning a trip there, you'd do well to start with these suggestions.


While you'll see in the next section that Québec City had the best breakfast options, Montréal had the best dinners. I didn't have a bad dinner there. The first three recommendations are in Old Montréal and the fourth is out in the Plateau Mont-Royal neighborhood.

The first and third nights, we ate at Creperie Chez Suzette. The first night, I had a crepe with Brie and apple slices but had no room for dessert crepes, so we had to go back. My mom and I shared a savory breakfast-type crepe and then all three of us shared two different dessert crepes: one was plain with chocolate sauce, and the other had apples and a sweet sauce.

For my birthday dinner, we went to a little restaurant called Le Chat Noir. The typical Parisian bistro fare - steak and frites - were outstanding, and I loved the dipping sauce for the frites.

If you're looking for some non-French food in Montréal, my top recommendation is Stash Café which serves...Polish food. We got the cutest little pierogis as appetizers. (This trip was the first time we've really splurged on appetizers and desserts, which was so much fun but only really possible because my mom and I shared a lot of entrées; no way could I have eaten so much food otherwise.)

Finally, my last recommendation is a restaurant I actually didn't get to go to because they were closed on Sundays and Mondays, but I really wanted to try the food there! It's called Plein Sud, and they serve typical southern French fare. I think their menu changes with the season, which keeps it interesting.

Another food recommendation I have, particularly if you go to Montréal in late spring-early fall, is Marché Atwater. You can get fresh fruits and vegetables, cheeses, meats, bread, and pastries and have a little picnic or snack. :) 

Québec City

One of the best breakfast places is Paillard on Rue St-Jean. They have lunch-type options, too, but what more do you need than pastries and chocolat chaud?

(I literally dream about Paillard and that brioche au chocolat daily. Also the fleur du sucre was lovely, too.)

But if you want a little more substance in your breakfast, Le Casse-Crepe Breton is the place to go. They have a lovely little restaurant overlooking Rue St-Jean, and you can either sit in front of an open window (if it's fair weather) or close to the kitchen where you can see them cooking your crepe. The service isn't exactly prompt, but they are French (Canadian).
(Look how stuffed it was!)

If you're going to Québec for the poutine, Snack Bar Saint-Jean outside the Old City is the best option. We tried poutine in both Montréal and QC, and I preferred this offering much more.

A favorite lunch option was Le Chic Shack, down by the Chateau Frontenac. Once again, their windows were wide open, and the breeze was beautiful. We had yummy burgers and fries with a great signature sauce, and my mom tried a pear soda, which she loved.

A dinner option we liked was decidedly un-French: Pub St. Patrick. At the corner of two streets, including Rue St-Jean, we sat outside on the patio (I really came to love dining el fresco on this vacation) and took in a summer evening in Old Québec. We loved the shepherd's pie, Dublin fried chicken, and salmon.

Have I made you hungry for Québecois food yet? I can say with utmost certainty that I'm dying to go back and eat at all of these places again...but I also have a few more restaurants to try in each city. We didn't really eat any seafood, and both cities are on the river, so that was a missed opportunity. Plus, we didn't get to eat at Plein Sud like I mentioned, and there was a cute lunch place in QC I wanted to check out. Guess I have to start planning my trip back... ;)

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