March 30, 2018

Random Friday: Where Is Home?

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If you're a college student who lives on campus/away from home, this post is for you. 

You live in two places - your dorm room and your parents' house. You never have everything you need because your dorm room can't fit everything but you also can't bring all of your belongings home for each break.

You constantly have to have things mailed to you...or if you're lucky to live close enough, you go home for a weekend to do laundry and pick up something essential.

Most of all, you don't know where you belong, especially if you're a senior who is about to graduate and leave to find another new home.

And it doesn't help either, if your parents moved while you were in school. Illinois no longer feels like home to me (it did freshman year), Kentucky has never felt quite like where I belong, and Virginia is great, but I only have one friend here and I don't know the area super well. Most of my friends are in Kentucky, but they're about to be scattered to the wind. One of my best friends is still back in Illinois, but the last two times I've visited, my hometown didn't feel like my hometown anymore.

So where is my home? Is it with each of my friends individually? Is it in books? Is it a place I'm still searching for?

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