October 15, 2018

My Name Is Emma, and I'm Addicted to Bookish Candles

My problem started a little more than a year ago. The bookish community started going wild for Canterbury Road Co.'s candles, and I got sucked in when I saw she'd done one for The Names They Gave Us and The Winner's Curse, and one that smelled like peaches, blackberries, and sweet tea. And I haven't looked back since.

My addiction grew worse once I found out I could have a wax melter at my university (since candles are a big no-no). Shannon at CRC does almost monthly wax melt sales, and I am weak when it comes to those.

Exhibit A: my double stacks of them in my nightstand drawer.

As of writing this post a month ago, I was using a square of Regency Romance to freshen my room. It's lemony and sweet and perfect.

I think there is a firm line to my obsession, though. I don't buy every single candle. I only go for the ones with scents I'd like and/or associated with my favorite books/fandoms. I have a bunch of CRC's The Queen's Thief candles, but not Eddis because it doesn't sound like a scent I'd enjoy as much.

So how do you feel about scented candles in general, or book-themed candles specifically?


  1. If I had money and didn't live in a dorm room, I would buy SO MANY bookish candles. Unfortunately, I have no money, and I do live in a dorm room where we're not even allowed candle warmers. :P

    Also, I looked at CRC, but I couldn't find any of the candle scents you mentioned. Were they limited time offers or something?

    1. Aghhh that's so sad that you can't even have a warmer/wax melter!

      So CRC has gone mostly seasonal with a more limited stock, just within the last month. (Which is sad but understandable because of stuff going on in Shannon's life.) She used to have a selection of year-round candles that just went out of stock every so often, as well as monthly offerings. It looks like she has Currently Reading right now, though, as well as Avonlea (which I have as a full candle, and it's great). She doesn't have one I wish you could get, though - Literary Passport to Narnia.

    2. Yeah. :( At the moment, we have to settle for an essential oil diffuser. Which, I mean, it works, but it's not the same.

      Ahhhhhh. Got it. Thanks for clearing that up.


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