October 29, 2018

New York Adventures, Month Five

A wise friend pointed out that life is only no longer an adventure when you start viewing it as mundane. So. Even though my day-to-day life isn't super exciting, I still think of this time as an adventure because I'm doing new things and exploring new places.


1. A couple of the people from our U.K. production team came for a few days, which was fun and interesting.
2. The children's ed intern and I took a quick field trip to the public library to look for a certain type of nonfiction books for kids and teens as part of a research project for one of the editors.
3. Kingdom of Ash pubbed, and I'm in the acknowledgements!!!


1. I went to Mackenzi Lee's event at the UWS Books of Wonder, and she knew who I was, and she was quite lovely to talk to.
2. I went to L.L. McKinney and Heidi Heilig's Books of Wonder event, and Heidi recognized me before I'd even said a word! This was our first time meeting since I put The Girl from Everywhere on my first Sixteen 2016 Reads list. <3


1. A friend and I were planning to check out the Madison Square Eats fall market, but it closed earlier than we were expecting (it had opened earlier in September than the other markets), and it rained the evening we were planning to go. :(
2. I went to The Chocolate Room in Brooklyn with a friend from work. As soon as we walked in, it smelled like chocolate. I got Moscato and flourless chocolate cake, and she got port and chocolate almond cake.

3. To...celebrate isn't the right word. To commemorate, maybe? To commemorate one of the other interns' last day, the children's ed intern and I took her to get macarons at the market near work. The Earl Grey one I had was divine.
4. I took my friend, who visited in the middle of the month, to a couple of my favorite places like Cafe Lalo, Maman, and Spot Dessert Bar. This time, we also tried the Milky Puff dessert, pictured below.

5. We also went to a pizza place in Brooklyn called Table 87. Definitely felt local, and the pizza was super good!
6. AND we went to Chelsea Market. I had been planning to get a savory pie for lunch but that stall closed. :( So I got lunch at Creamline, and we got breakfast pastries at Sarabeth's Bakery.
7. AND (I joked a lot that I was taking her on a mini food tour of my new home) we visited two new-to-me bakeries in DUMBO: Almondine and Jacques Torres. Both were lovely.
8. Yesterday, my roommate and I got to go on a food tour of Nolita. A coworker of my mom's generously gifted us tickets, and it was so much fun. We tried Emporio pizza, Seamore's fish and chips, braised beef short rib tacos at Oficina Latina, a Brooklyn Blackout cupcake, corn from Tacombi, and a bonbon from Stick With Me Sweets. It was all so good, and we got to learn the history of the Nolita area while meeting some nice people and eating awesome food. 


1. Thanks to a lovely friend who works at HarperCollins invited me to an advance screening of The Hate U Give, which was such a special experience. Loved every minute of the movie. I saw it again after its release and cried even harder.
2. My friend and I had tickets to the History of Magic exhibit at the New York Historical Society. Very fun for two Potter fans!
3. My friend who visited got us tickets to Anastasia, so I've now seen four musicals (Beautiful, Wicked, Waitress, and Anastasia, if you're keeping track) twice.


1. I got lost in the World Trade Center for 2.5 seconds (ok, more like 10 minutes) since I went the wrong way when I got off my train on my way to the THUG movie.
2. I showed two friends around my neighborhood. With the former, I also saw a bit of the Cobble Hill neighborhood. With the latter, we saw a lot of DUMBO and the Brooklyn Bridge Park.

3. With the friend who visited, we saw the 9/11 memorial, as well as St. Paul's Chapel and Trinity Church Cemetery. We paid our respects to Alexander and Eliza Hamilton.
4. Like I mentioned, we got to explore a bit of Nolita. It's a very hip area with boutiques and lots of little restaurants. We also got to explore a community garden/park that might, unfortunately, be demolished soon so the city can develop it.


  1. Is that the correct spelling of Mackenzi I see??? That another person has???

    And your posts have me wishing I was back in NYC. Savor every moment--its a magical place.

    1. Yes! She shares the same spelling as you! ^.^


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