October 19, 2018

Random Friday: Favorite Meal

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I left today's topic a bit open-ended so that anyone could interpret it to their liking. Of course, that made it a lot harder for me to decide what to talk about, haha.

I like food in general, although I tend to not enjoy eating things that don't taste good to me. As a result, I have several favorite meals.

Does dessert count as a meal? Lol.

If we're only talking dinner-type meals, I love a good risotto (Le Grainne Cafe in Chelsea has the best I've tried). I love empanadas from Empanada Mama, and burgers from Shake Shack and Bareburger.

Home-cooked dinners...I love my family's taco recipe with Mexican rice. Tuna pasta salad. A turkey casserole that my mom usually only makes around Thanksgiving and Christmas. :P Barbecued spare ribs in the CrockPot. New York street cart-style chicken and rice. Beef and potato soup. Homemade mac and cheese....

Are you hungry yet? I definitely am, and I just finished lunch.

So what is your favorite meal ever? Or of the day? I didn't talk about it, but I am rather partial to breakfast foods, too.

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