March 8, 2019

Random Friday: Learning a Foreign Language

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For most American students, learning a second language is mandatory, starting in high school (if not sooner). 

I took French for part of high school and then again in college, but I have been terrible at keeping up my skills. (Which was quite evident when we went to Quebec, haha.) I do have Duolingo, but I'm not as active as I was when I was still in French class. And I've bought some of my favorite YA books in French, but I keep forgetting to take the time to read them. My reading skills are better than my speaking skills, but it would still be a nice way to challenge myself in familiarizing myself with the language.

In a dream world, if I could pick five languages (besides English) to know perfectly, I'd choose French, American Sign Language (I know a few signs but it would be so useful to be able to communicate with Deaf people), Finnish (since I'm part Finnish, and it's a hard language to learn), Mandarin Chinese (very useful in today's world), and...I can't settle on a fifth. What languages would you want to know?

Are you learning another language? Any tips you can share? Or any funny stories about learning that language?

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