April 29, 2019

New York Adventures, Month Eleven

So long, April! I wish you hadn't gotten so cold and rainy at the end.


At the moment, it's looking like I won't find a job or another internship before I have to leave in a few weeks. So I'm trying to make the most of my last few weeks at Bloomsbury.


I didn't go to any book events this month. There were a few I considered, but ultimately I didn't have time or money.


1. I got to try breakfast at this little coffee shop I've been wanting to visit for a couple months now. It's called Blank Slate Coffee + Kitchen. I got the rose berry waffle, and it was delightful.
2. It was finally warm enough for ice cream, so I went to Kaylee's Creamery, which is in like NoMad/Midtown East. I loved their cookies and cream flavor and enjoyed the matcha, but my eyes are definitely bigger than my stomach, lol. I should've only gotten one scoop.

3. A friend and I did high tea at the Met Dining Room. 10/10, would recommend.

4. I tried another slice from Daly Pie on Sunday - this time, their salty lime (which is a key lime pie). So good, y'all.


1. I went back to the Morgan Library. It was nice to see the library and study themselves, when they weren't so crowded, and then I also went to the Tolkien exhibit. We couldn't take any pictures in there, but I took so many notes so I could tell my family and friends all about it.

2. I saw Waitress for the...third time, lol. I went for Shoshana and Jeremy, and they were great. I also tried the mini key lime pie this time, and it's definitely my favorite!
3. Taylor Swift dropped the lead single from her new album last Friday, and that was definitely an Event.
4. I'm seeing Avengers: Endgame tonight. Pray for me.


1. Went to the Met again for a few hours at the end of March. I didn't have much time for exploring in April since we went to Chicago and I had a couple job interviews.


  1. Ok, if I ever go to NYC, I definitely will need you to send me a list of all your favorite food places, 'cause you keep featuring them in your posts and I'm always like AHHHHH THAT LOOKS SO YUMMY.

    What are your thoughts on Taylor's new single? I'm curious.

    1. Yessss, I have such a long list (including places recommended to me that I haven't been able to try yet).

      Oh I love it! It's such a bop, and you can tell how much fun she's having. Also the first single is never representative of the whole album. Me! is getting stuck in people's heads so they'll pay attention when the album drops. It also feels like such a summer song? Which I'm here for.


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