June 28, 2019

Random Friday: If I Had a Book Club

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I've never had a massive interest in starting or joining a book club, mostly because I hate having to fit my reading schedule to other people's. (I'm terrible at buddy reading too lol.) But if I did have a book club, here's what I'd want to do.

1. We'd always have really good treats. I'd probably bake for a lot of the meetings

2. I wouldn't want to be the one to come up with discussion questions, but I'd also like it if the questions were more unique than the ones people tend to think of for discussion.

3. We'd meet somewhere cozy and comfortable. No circles of hard chairs, no noisy coffee shop, no interruptions from family members.

4. And we'd read really good books. We'd read historical fiction with strong protagonists, YA romances with fluff and serious moments, fantasy with sweeping world-building, mysteries with plot twists we'd be screaming over at the next meeting, gentle middle grade stories. Maybe we'd even spend a few months specifically choosing books by authors of color.

Are you part of a book club? Tell me about yours. Or, if you were forming a book club, what would you do?

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