June 14, 2019

Random Friday: Meeting Authors

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One of the best things about my New York Year was how many authors I had the opportunity to meet. I went to a bunch of author events at Books of Wonder, a couple at McNally Jackson, one at Books Are Magic, and one at the Astoria Bookshop. And then I've also been lucky enough to meet several others elsewhere - Ally Carter on the United We Spy tour, Leigh Bardugo at the National Book Festival, Emery Lord at a couple events, Jasmine Warga in Lexington, Kentucky...

I always feel nervous when I meet them, though. I know they're just people, of course, but I always want to have something good to say to them. I don't want to be like everyone else and say, "I loved _" or "I'm so excited to read _; it sounds really good." When I was younger, I loved to ask questions at events, and I usually had some good ones, but now I feel like I can't think of any interesting ones.

Now that I'm back in Virginia, it's going to be harder to go to author events. Most never come to this area, and if they do, it's always northern Virginia. Driving up there from Richmond is a nightmare, so my family tries to do it as little as possible. So if any publicists are reading this, try to send more authors to Richmond, Virginia. We have several great indies in this area, as well as a handful of Barnes & Nobles stores, and a Books-a-Million. ;)

What are your favorite parts about meeting authors? Where do you usually meet them? Who's been your favorite to meet? Let's chat in the comments!

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  1. Most of the authors around here go to Denver... sometimes. Veronica Roth was there a couple months ago, but I didn't find out about it until after all the tickets were sold out ::sob::.

    What questions do you ask anyway? So many questions are already answered on the internet.

    I got to meet Sandhya Menon in April. She liked my phone case. That was pretty cool because I designed it myself.

    1. I can't even remember most of the ones I'd ask. I'd sometimes be the one to ask about Hogwarts houses, though. But yeah, I agree, most of the questions they get asked, they've already answered in interviews, so I want to give them something different to talk about!

      So cool that you got to meet Sandhya! I wanted to meet her at the National Book Festival last year, but we weren't gonna get there in time, so I just went to Robin Benway's and Leigh Bardugo's signings.


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