July 26, 2014

My Bookshelves

I've shared a few "shelfies" over the last several months (mainly on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook).  I get a lot of questions about what books I recommend and what books are my favorite and what-not, and a universal answer to that is my bookshelves.  Obviously, I don't own every single book I've enjoyed or recommend, but I own a great majority of them.  But I've decided to share (fairly recent) pictures of my bookshelves.

The two main bookcases are organized by genre: historical fiction, futuristic, science fiction, contemporary romance, contemporary (where there may be romance but the focus is more than that), fantasy, Christian lit, middle grade.  The other bookcases have random organization.  The small one has two series that I couldn't fit on any other shelves.  The long one has my ARC shelf, nonfiction and some classics, Rick Riordan books, more middle grade, and another classics shelf.  This is actually the most organized my shelves have ever been.  They used to be a bit more random.  So without further ado, here's a look at my bookshelves.


(And yes, it pains me greatly that my Throne of Glass books are split between two shelves.)

And now that I've finished this post, I can start undoing my organization system since I have to pack the books I'm bringing to Asbury.


  1. I LOVE YOUR BOOKSHELVES! :) I really need to get my hands on the Gallagher Girl series.

  2. You have a lot of awesome books! I love your organization system... I think I need a system.

    1. I just got one recently myself (and now it's pretty much dismantled since I've packed so many books). I used to...I don't even know how I used to organize my books. Having this current system is very useful, except my contemporary is split between 2 bookcases and I wish each genre would fit on a whole shelf.

  3. Your bookshelves are seriously awesome. Just saying.


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