July 18, 2014

Random Friday: Literary Kindred Spirits

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Have you ever thought about which book characters are a lot like you, or which ones you'd be best friends with if they were real people?  I honestly have, and that's what inspired today's Random Friday post.  My list is pretty short.  It might've been longer, but I realized I was writing down characters that I want to be like, and that's not the same thing.  So I stuck to characters with similar temperaments and interests, allowing for some differences.

Izzy Lucas from Pulled Under
She's the type of girl who would prefer to read a book, although she is a surfer (main difference is there).

Cress from Cress
Of all the Lunar Chronicle heroines, Cress is the most relatable for me.  I'm not fierce and passionate like Scarlet or as mechanically-inclined as Cinder.  Cress is socially awkward, naive, sheltered, and smart.

Gemma from Broken Hearts, Fences, and Other Things to Mend
I just see Gemma as someone I'd get along with.  She's sweet and earnest and tries to make up for (and own up to) her mistakes.

Chelsea from Fifteenth Summer
She, too, likes to read, but she also realizes she's a writer.  Those are things we could talk about for awhile.

Lara Jean Covey from To All the Boys I've Loved Before
I see a kindred spirit in Lara Jean's innocence, her love of baking, her manner of speaking, and her fashion sense.

Emily from Since You've Been Gone
She's someone I can relate to, personality-wise.  Plus, I'd love to be her new best friend.

So who do you think your literary kindred spirits are?  Sound off in the comments or in your own Random Friday post!

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