July 4, 2014

Random Friday: Favorite Moments in History

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Happy Fourth of July to all my American readers!  Today's Random Friday topic was definitely chosen with the holiday in mind.  I also invited a couple friends to share their favorite moments in history, too, so let's get started.

Rose from Searching the Clouds's Favorite Moments (@rose_reading)
1. 1940s - 1950s
While this time period was not exactly the most peaceful, the culture and fashion in America are my favorite through the 40s and 50s.

2. When this happened
I love how this was such a living-in-the-moment moment that was actually captured on camera.

Maura from The Whimsical Mama's Favorite Moments (@armywife2310)
1. Battle of Yorktown 1781 - This should be a favorite moment for every American! The last major land battle for American independence is one to always be remembered.

2. John F. Kennedy assassination 1963 - This forever changed the course of American history & I love this time period. I also love the conspiracies surrounding the assassination.

3. Battle of Bosworth Field 1485 - I'm a HUGE English history nerd and this was a huge moment. The end of the Plantagenets and rise of the Tudors. I love the mystery surrounding Richard III & the Tudors are my favorite royal family!

Emma's Favorite Moments
It was actually really hard choosing my moments in history!  I'm more of a "whose your favorite historical person" girl.  Since it's my blog, I think I can get away with listing those. ;)

1. Ronald Reagan - I regard him as one of our best presidents (and even the best have moments where they mess up).
2. Coco Chanel - She forever changed fashion as we know it (along with Paul Poiret and a few others).

And now a favorite period:
I love the 1910s because Victorian fashion was still trending, but also because hemlines were starting to creep up.  Plus, I love British society during that time (thanks to Cinders & Sapphires, and my mother who got me into Downton Abbey).

So what do you consider to be your favorite moments in history?

1 comment:

  1. My favorite time is anywhere in the first half of the 20th century but entirely for the fashions. I do like learning about the second world war, not because of the events exactly but mainly for the strategy aspects of it.

    ~D. Skye <3


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