March 27, 2015

Random Friday: A Song That Means a Lot to Me

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Music can affect my emotions so easily, and there are many songs that mean a lot to me -whether because they make me happy, or exactly express my feelings, or because they are inspirational. So choosing just one song for today's post was hard. And that's why I chose two.

This past fall, Taylor Swift released her fifth album, 1989. (I mean, y'all probably knew I was going to talk about Taylor, right?) It's gotten me through this difficult first year of college in more ways than one. There are dance-able songs for when I'm feeling down. There are songs that I can "sing" at the top of my lungs when I'm angry (I don't sing, for the record). And there are songs that give me that warm happy feeling (namely, "You Are in Love"). 

The first song that I could really relate to was "Bad Blood." I've had someone in my life who hasn't been the nicest even though they've claimed they have. I'm not going into details because I promised my RD I wouldn't, but I won't stand for being treated like I was and I never will, and I'm not fully happy with the "resolution" to the situation. Additionally, I - and anyone else - should not be made to feel silly or like they're overreacting when they're genuinely upset about a situation.
The second verse of "Bad Blood" feels very applicable to me. The whole song is one I can jam to. What's even cooler is that someone has made a "Bad Blood"/"Centuries" mash-up and it sounds just as amazing as the original.

And the second song is "Clean." It's something I'm still longing for in several instances in my life. I want to move on from situations, relationships, etc. that are causing me nothing but stress. Stuff like that can really make you feel defeated when you can't get away from it. I love the way the lyrics, "When the butterflies turned to dust, they covered my whole room/So I punched a hole in the roof" sound, especially the second one. I love that, when you're drowning, that's when you can finally see the light of day, you can finally breathe and make better choices. I really long for that.

So what's a song that means a lot to you? Make your own post and link it up or share in the comments below.

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