July 15, 2015

Don't Go Breaking My Heart

We all have those genres we absolutely love. My favorites are contemporary, historical fiction, and fantasy. But often, my favorites are the ones that let me down. Some of the books I've rated the lowest are contemporary or fantasy.

So I always have this constant fear that my favorite genre will let me down. Every time I pick up a new YA contemporary, historical fic, or fantasy novel, this is me:

And the book always answers back, "I couldn't if I tried." (And then I picture Hugh Dancy in Ella Enchanted singing that line.)

But then there's always that book like, say, Starry Night or Love, Lucas or Black Dove, White Raven, that lets me down and disappoints me. I start to worry if I don't like my favorite genres anymore. My heart starts to feel crushed.

So has your favorite genre ever let you down? Do you seem to encounter more books you dislike in your favorite genre? Let's discuss!


  1. I understand your fear . . . though I honestly can't think of any fantasy or sci-fi books that've really let me down. Maybe there's one or two that I haven't liked as much as I expected I would- Hero, by Alethea Kontis, for example- but I can't think of any that I thought I'd like and I instead disliked.

  2. I totally get it, but I think it's especially if you're a contemporary lover, just because contemporary is so broad in terms of what kind of things they cover. I've definitely found some contemporaries a little too light for me. I'm also a dystopian fan, and sometimes I dislike a book because they're not "dystopian" enough. The MC is usually the game changer, though.


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